Eye Opening! Dr. Susan Resnick, O.D., F.A.A.O

About a year ago I became frustrated with the length of my arms. I know that sounds a little strange, but if you’re around 40 you know exactly what I mean! I went to the drugstore and I bought some reading glasses and suddenly it didn’t matter that I wasn’t related to Stretch Armstrong. I had presbyopia and unless an extra serving of carrot sticks and some eye exercises could reverse or slow down the process reading glasses were my new norm.

Though I was seeing 20/20 with my prescription for distance and my presbyopia was corrected with readers I was hopeful that there would be a simple solution to put a stop to all this “eye-aging” business, so I jumped at the invitation to meet the distinguished  NYC based, Dr. Susan Resnick, O.D., F.A.A.O,. I realized most of us seek a second opinion when a medical doctor gives us an unfavorable diagnose…wasn’t this the same thing? I’d get  get a second opinion, and an extremely well-respected one at that!

What is Presbyopia?

Dr. Resnick explained that presbyopia is basically the natural aging process of the eye “where reading vision becomes more difficult and a separate prescription is required or when the nearsighted patient has to remove their distance eyeglasses to see close objects clearly” due to the eye’s internal lens becoming less elastic and less able to change shape to refocus. Resnick says “it typically starts around age 40 but can vary depending upon factors which may include genetics, pupil size and distance prescription.”

Dr. Resnick informed me “there is no cure for presbyopia and eye exercises typically do not influence the age of onset or rate of progression.” Even though “general health and good nutrition might be a factor as to when it first appears, there are no definitive studies to quantify this.”

What Can Be Done?

  • Progressive addition eyeglasses are multi-focal glasses that allow more than one vision field to be in a single lens without any line of distinction between the fields themselves. They correct all distances (near and far) with lenses that have a smooth transition for different focal lengths.
  • Monovision  is the process of having one eye focused at a distance while the other is focused at near. After about a week the person’s brain automatically and seamlessly adapts to this way of vision, allowing you to seamlessly see near and far. Though some close-up activities might still require reading glasses it can help tremendously. Monovision is usually obtained through contact lenses (with different prescriptions for each eye) but it can also be had through refractive laser techniques like Lasik or PRK.
  • Contacts for Presbyopia. Dr. Resnick likes Acuvue OASYS for Presbyopia contact lenses which allow for a very smooth transition between distance and near focus. A huge bonus with these lenses is that they contain Hydraclear–an internal wetting agent–making them better than other contacts for patients with dry eyes, a common condition for those in this age group. Another plus for Acuvue OASYS for Presbyopia lenses is that they have built-in UV blockers to prevent cataracts, also common as we age. If you’re a contact lens wearer with presbyopia this is an ideal choice for most.

To determine which option is best for you, Dr. Resnick recommends you and your doctor take the following into consideration: lifestyle, type of visual tasks, prescription and ocular physiology. Most patients choose both contact lenses and glasses but each offers different benefits. Those with very active lifestyles might choose contacts as their primary choice whereas those who have specific, prolonged and critical visual tasks might find glasses would be more appropriate.  There are also those who are very visually sensitive, ie. are frustrated with anything less than 20/20, and multifocal contact lenses might not be an option because the images are not quite as sharp at all distances as they are with eyeglasses. This has to do with the smaller optical zone in contact lenses as compared to eyeglasses.

Since I’m usually in contact lenses for distance and I rarely wear my eyeglasses I was most attracted to the idea of the Acuvue OASYS for Presbyopia which would get me out of my readers and allow me to see both near and far without having to go the monovision route. Unfortunately for me, I’m “visually sensitive” so I’m not a candidate.  So for me, readers it is! xoxoNancy




Suncare Stash

You know the drill. Harmful UVA and UVB rays cause skin damage even when it’s cloudy outside. Sunscreen applied each and every day will help maintain the health of your skin and prevent wrinkles, spots and other aging skin damage. Look for chemical sunscreens like those with avobenzone and oxybenzone or physical sunblocks such as those containing zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.

To stay safe:

  • Avoid the sun between the peak hours of 10:00am to 2:00pm.
  • Apply generously. The average adult needs a shot-glass full for the body plus an additional 2/3 a teaspoon for the face and neck.
  • Reapply every 2 hours and immediately after swimming, even with water resistant products

My Sun Stash:

Coola Sport SPF 45 Unscented Moisturizer ($32 for 5 oz.) is sweat and water resistant up to 80 minutes, paraben free and ultra sheer plus it’s formulated with 70% certified organic inactive ingredients.

Coola Face SPF 20 Unscented ($36 for 1.7 oz.) works well for sensitive skin. This mineral-based sunblock is hypoallergenic, ultra-sheer and enriched with anti-aging antioxidants.

Mustela Broad Spectrum Mineral Sunscreen Lotion 50+ ($22 for 3.4 oz.) is gentle enough for infants thanks to the physical blockers micronized titanium and zinc and is ideal for the most sensitive skin.

Australian Gold Sheer Coverage Continuous Spray SPF 50 with Kona Bronzers ($11.99) gives you an instant sun-kissed glow while it protects you from sun damage. Quickly absorbs, oil-free formula and water resistant for 80 minutes.

Kiss My Face Kids Defense™ with Air Powered Spray™ SPF 50 ($16.99 for 6 oz) combines broad spectrum sunscreen with a blend of Antioxidants for extra protection. It’s water resistant for 40 minutes, clear and rub free plus it sprays at any angle so it’s easy to cover those hard to reach places.

Kiss My Face Face Factor SPF 30 for Face and Neck with Hydresia®  ($12.95 for 2 oz ) has UVA and UVB protection plus natural peptides and extracts to combat aging and skin soothing ingredients.

Kiss My Face Sensitive Side™ SPF 30 ($12.95 for 4 oz) is non irritating for sensitive skin thanks to soothing Oat Protein , Green Tea and Carrot Extract and extra moisturizing.

eos Smooth Sphere Lip Balm in Lemon Drop ($3.29) protects lips with SPF 15, Vitamin E and natural oils so lips stay soft, moist and protected.

(featured image courtesy of Pinterest)


The Power of Red

Colors have different meanings in different cultures and they’re even known to change over time but right now in the U.S., researchers have found this to be true about RED:

  • Red is an intense, extreme color known to affect all who see it.
  • Men and women are seen as more attractive when wearing red.
  • Red is the color of confidence but too much can be interpreted as aggressive.
  • In clothing, decor, wildlife and more, red always gets attention.

The best way to reap the benefits of red without inviting negative reactions is to take your red in small doses. Just a hint will make you that much more appealing, add visual interest and jump-start any outfit. Check out these ruby red accent pieces:

Zoya Nail Polish in Tamsen, $9 at zoya.com. I love this for fingers and toes. Orange undertones make it a Spring/Summer staple.

Eugenia Kim Chiara Headband, $90 at shopbop.com. The ombre shading and center-knot take this to another level.

Gahara Links Transfixion Necklace, $58 at anthropologie.com. Go global with this Rwandan made, hand-beaded pendant necklace.

Super Ciccio Eyeglasses, $169 at madewell.com. Oversized, retro frames in a “notice-me” color.

Cole Haan Jen & Oil Mary Jane Suede Platform Sandal, $125 at lastcall.com. Because red, grown-up Mary Janes are hot!

The “Look Slim” Swim Team

Just in time for warm weather beach escapes or getting a head-start on your summer wardrobe, The Beauty Wall helps you suit up in the most figure-flattering swimwear:


(photography courtesy of Allure by Diana Vreeland, available at chroniclebooks.com)

True Colors…

There are two types of beauty personalities…those that play it safe, never deviating too far from what they know works well for them and those that try every trend and switch things up as often as they can. This little gem of a book is for the later.

Maybe you like having a lot of fun with your hair or have a secret desire to be the coolest mom or aunt around. Maybe you’re a “hair virgin” and are ready to take a walk on the wild or semi-wild side.  DIY DYE: Bright and Funky Temporary Hair Coloring You Do at Home will help you do just that. It gives you lowdown on how to create different looks with chalks, food coloring, hairspray,  Kool-Aid packets and then some. You might just find that pushing the envelope works for you. If not, your “back-to-basics” is just a shampoo away.

DIY DYE: Bright and Funky Temporary Hair Coloring You Do at Home by Loren Lankford @ barnesandnoble.com.



Illuminate Me!!!

As far as skincare ingredients go, Glycolic Acid is a superstar!

  • It brightens skin by breaking down older, dull skin cells to reveal the newer, fresh skin beneath.
  • It can diminish fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, hyper-pigmentation and even scars.
  • It boosts radiance due to an increase in circulation.
  • Used twice a week it will put an end to unsightly blackheads.
  • It’s helpful in the treatment of acne and can even eliminate those white bumps on on the upper arm area.

Keep in mind, Glycolic acid is an AHA, a chemical exfoliant. It targets dull, dry skin by sloughing off the top layer and promoting cell turnover. You will most likely feel a tingling sensation at first and you might also experience some redness so for best results I recommend using Glycolic products at night so the redness has plenty of time to subside–you’ll wake up with brighter, clearer skin. I like using it a few times a week to keep my skin in check.


Lather 10-minute Brightening Mask with Glycolic Acid,  a twice a week fix for a dull complexion. It’s best to use it at bedtime because you can have redness (due to increased circulation) that can last about a half an hour. Apply a thin layer on cleansed skin (a tingling sensation is normal) and rinse with warm water after 5-10 minutes.

Peter Thomas Roth Glycolic Acid 10 Percent Moisturizer, an anti-aging, exfoliating facial cream. Use it at night since redness may occur.

Glytone Retexturize Body Lotion, SPF15, a skin smoothing and brightening lotion. Will turn dry areas (even elbows, knees, heels) silky and keep your skin radiant. Use sparingly, a little goes a long way. Thanks to added SPF you can use this lotion all day.

(photography courtesy of Pinterest)


Help for Thin Hair

I’ve noticed that when it comes to hair so many of us would prefer to have something very different than what we’ve been given. If you’re not blessed with gorgeous, thick, healthy-looking hair and would like to do something about it, try the beauty supplement that many actors and models swear by. Used by Reese Witherspoon, Karlie Kloss, Miley Cyrus and Miranda Lambert, Viviscal’s  proprietary ingredient, AminoMar, nourishes and promotes growth from the inside out.

Celeb stylist, Randy Stodghill says, “I always recommend my clients start taking Viviscal because it makes a big difference. The hair grows faster and gives more oomph, while leaving a healthy shine and soft finish. You end up having more volume because it is thicker and gives an all-around healthier appearance.”

Viviscal, $49,99 for a one month supply at viviscal.com. *Expect to take it for two months before you start to see results.

Trend Alert: Cluster Earrings

When more than one A-list celeb wears a particular style accessory to the most high profile event of the year, you can believe a trend isn’t far behind. I expect we’ll be seeing a lot more cluster earrings like those spotted on Lupita Nyong’o and Sandra Bullock at the 2014 Oscars. Here, some great choices:

(photography courtesy of Getty Images)

Award-Worthy Hair!

We asked Jenny Balding, NYC Cutler/Redken Styling and Grooming Expert for her favorite Oscar hair and tips for getting the look at home. Here’s what she had to say:

Olivia Wilde – “This is a stunning, swept up, Brigitte Bardot inspired style and compliments her gown beautifully.  Her graphic black eyeliner adds a 60’s inspired feel to the whole ensemble.” – Jenny Balding
To Do:
  • Start by blow drying hair with a round brush to create body, volume and slight wave to the ends.
  • Separate into two sections.  Take the crown and front section and pin to one side then leave the underneath section out.
  • Sweep the underneath section into a chignon that hugs the curve of the head.
  • Take the top section and back brush under the crown area to create padding and volume and twist lightly and secure into chignon.
  • Finish by gently loosening some shorter pieces to frame the face and mist with a light hairspray –  I love Redken fashion work 12 and it is very versatile and light to work with.
Cate Blanchett – “This beautiful, classic vintage Hollywood style is refreshing as it isn’t a faux bob or very long but it’s just right, at the shoulder.  The key to this look is to create the wave just through the front section and throughout the perimeter of the hair.” – Jenny Balding
To Do:
  • Create a deep side part wherever works best for your face shape and hairline.
  • Blow dry smooth and keep to just a natural volume for this look.
  • Mist hair with a light and versatile hairspray like Redken fashion work 12
  • Use a medium size curling iron and start by creating the front section first as this will set the tone.  Create the wave from underneath the cheekbone.
  • Hold the iron vertically and wrap from mid-length to the ends.
  • Finish by setting the hair with a stronger hold hairspray.  Redken control addict 28 is perfect for this as it holds and creates shine.
Charlize Theron – “Charlize is simply stunning with her sleek, smooth, grown out pixie which complimented her sleek gown with clean lines.  If you have a shorter hairstyle you can style it in so many ways, this, being one of them.” – Jenny Balding
To Do:
  • Apply a smoothing, straightening balm, Redken align 12, to clean wet hair.
  • Blow dry smooth and wrap the hair back and forward to prevent creating volume.
  • Create a deep side part which works best for your face shape and hairline.
  • Sweep and tuck behind ears.
  • I love Cutler Flyaway stick which is perfect for keeping your strands sleek and glossy all over.


(photography courtesy of Michael Buckner/Getty Images, Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)