Nancy Answers: Am I too old for colorful eye shadow and liner?

Dear Nancy, I love experimenting with bright eye shadow and liner but I’m on the other side of 40. Do you have any tips or tricks to help me look more age appropriate but still embrace my love of color? Sincerely, T

Dear T, If you love the way you look and your confidence cup run-eth over I say who cares! But, the fact that you’re asking the question leads me to believe you’re aware that this look isn’t exactly working for you any more. No one wants to be the girl who looks like she’s trying too hard to be young and trendy and it sounds like that’s the direction you’re headed if you don’t make some changes pronto.

You’ll quickly find out that age-appropriate doesn’t have to equal boring and you don’t need to stick to neutrals like brown, grey and black if you choose toned-down versions of the colors you already love.  If bright blue is your go-to, opt for navy or smokey blue instead. Love emerald, swipe on hunter green. A bold purple might be too bright but an eggplant or plum shade just might do the trick. Try: Tarte SmolderEYES Amazonian Clay Waterproof Liner in Plum, Fig, Olive, Moss or Navy, $22 at xoxoNancy

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The Best Lipstick for Everyone!

Finding the perfect everyday lipstick can be tricky. If you’re not sure where to start, begin with your natural lip tone–then take it just up a notch for your most flattering shade–most likely in the rose-toned family.

Before purchasing, you’ll need to try it on. Your natural lip color will determine what the lipstick shade looks like on you, that’s why what works for you best friend might not be right for you. And when you’ve got it, you’ll know. You’ll still look like you, only better!

*Add a clear gloss to make lips appear fuller or blot it for a more matte finish.


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My Favorite Scent!

I’m not a very perfume-y sort of girl. Unless it’s a very special occasion, I prefer to smell fresh and clean like I just stepped out of the shower. My favorite fragrance, Bobbi Brown’s Bath Eau de Toilette helps me do just that…even if said shower was yesterday! This light, crisp eau de toilette blends notes of water hyacinth, neroli, orange flower, white lily, sage and more, but all you’ll notice is the lovely scent that lingers. Bath by Bobbi Brown, $70 at

Another fragrance along the lines of the same philosophy is Demeter’s Pure Soap Cologne Spray, $20 at After its dry-down, it leaves behind a faint scent reminiscent of Ivory Soap.

Happy Camper!

If you have a camper in your life, you know what an important role care packages play. But…what to send when sweet treats are no longer allowed. Besides including magazines, comics and a few beauty goodies I lucked out with these really cool Pony Bracelets that do double-duty as ponytail holders and bracelets.

Clearly, Emma loves her I Love Camp ones but keep in mind they also come in really cool patterns and other sayings (see my other favorites below), great for party favors, a “little something extra” with a birthday present or a “just because” gift. PonyBracelets, $4.99 for 4.



Summer School

Unfortunately, more often than not the lessons that stick are the ones that are learned the hard way. I’ve found myself getting “color”–a sunburn or tan–even though I applied sun protection before heading out and I could never understand why. After meeting Dr. Jeannette Graf, M.D. I finally have the answer. She says “sunscreen has a cumulative effect on the skin. Over time, it accumulates giving you more than just that day’s protection.”

If you haven’t been applying sunscreen each and every day and you’re only applying it when you spend lots of time in the sun it might not be enough to protect you from those burning, damaging and aging rays. Lesson learned!


Flaunt your Inner Hippie!

In the sweltering month of August I always get a bit more in touch with my bohemian side. I keep it modern by mixing and matching with pieces I already own. Here, some boho-chic options to help you do the same.

Exotic jewelry makes a statement on its own. I’m crazy about The Maasai Collections Maasai Zip Cuff, $195 at and the Bluma Kiva Choker, $165 at (photo above).

Graphic prints grab attention–a little goes a long way. Check out these gorgeous Beaded African Print Shorts at and Aldo Taipa Platform Sandals, $55.99 at

A tunic works for all shapes and sizes but choose wisely so it makes you look long and lean instead of boxy. It’s extra flattering when nipped in slightly at the waist. See Joie Nira Top, $188 at and the Border Print Tunic, $118 at

I love a beachy dress with gladiators or flip flops for day. Paired with ballet flats or sandals and a fitted blazer it gives off a more urban vibe. You’ll like Megan Park Silk Dress, $144 at shoplatitude.comQuotation: Red Haute Maxi Dress, $193.60 at and BCBGMaxAzria Eva Scarf-Print Dress, $268 at



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Eye Cream Extraordinaire

Product Review: Replere by Dr. Debbie Palmer Renew & Firm Eye Serum, $98 at

The good thing about being a beauty writer is I get to test a lot of products. Unfortunately, that’s also the bad thing about being a beauty writer because when I love a product I’m not so eager to move on in my search for the next great thing. That’s what happened to me with Replere by Dr. Debbie Palmer Renew & Firm Eye Serum.

A few weeks ago Replere’s publicist asked me to give Renew & Firm a try. I’ve been using it religiously for over a month now and it totally exceeded my expectations! My dark circles have really faded and  my under eye area actually appears tighter and brighter. I’m not so quick to put on my under-eye concealer in the morning.

Dr. Debbie Palmer’s entire skincare line is antioxidant focused and free of parabens (chemical preservatives), fragrances and dyes, making it ideal for sensitive skin. Renew & Firm contains hyaluronic acid and olive oil to hydrate plus super-powerful antioxidants including vitamins A, C & E, the berry of the coffee plant, green tea, goji and acai berries and grapeseed and works best when layered under a hydrating eye cream. The $98 cost might seem high but a little goes a long way–it lasts you 3 months.

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Flower Girl!

A few weeks ago, my brother Stephen and his wife Laurie brought me a beautiful gardenia plant. I love everything about it from its shiny leaves to that sweet scent when in bloom. I’m still waiting for it to blossom though and hope it happens soon so I can tuck a gorgeous, white flower behind my ear or pin it in my hair for a laid-back, carefree summer look.

If it doesn’t happen soon I do have a backup plan. I can always head to my favortie trim store, Tinsel Trading at 1 West 37th Street, NYC for a huge selection of vintage, reproduction or contemporary flowers. If you live too far away or are more of an online shopper check out You won’t be disappointed!


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Look Years Younger With This One Beauty Trick!

Makeup decisions can add to or subtract years from your appearance. Here’s an easy way to turn back the clock, no new products required!

Simply concentrate your eye makeup to upper eyes only. It will downplay crows feet and dark circles and you’ll instantly look more wide-eyed and youthful.

To do:

  • Apply a neutral-toned eyeshadow.
  • Line your upper lids.
  • Curl your lashes.
  • Apply a very black mascara to upper lashes only.

Give it a shot and let me know your thoughts! xoxoNancy



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Nancy Answers: Is it okay to get my Vitamin D from the Sun?

Dear Nancy, I’ve been using sunscreen pretty religiously for the past few years but have been hearing a lot of talk about many people being Vitamin D deficient. Can’t I just sit in the sun for a few minutes for my daily dose? Sincerely, E

Vitamin D3 (known as the sunshine vitamin) plays a very important role in keeping our immune systems strong and our bones healthy. Though it’s easy to get Vitamin D with sun exposure–just 10 minutes in the sun can give you your daily supply–don’t even think about doing it. I’ve spoken to a lot of derms on just this subject and they all agree on strict avoidance since the risk of melanoma is too great. Instead, get your daily supply of D3 with food/drinks or an oral supplement. You’ll find it in oily fish like salmon or trout as well as fortified milk, yogurt, orange juice or try oral drops or a spray which are easily absorbed into your system.

I love Arbonne Essentials Spray Vitamin D+B12, $40. Just 3 sprays twice a day gives you 126% of your daily D as well as plenty of B12 to support your metabolism and keep you energized. Best of all, it’s delicious!