Getting lucky. Doing the deed. A roll in the hay. Knocking boots. Call it what you may, but do it if for no other reason than good sex boosts your immunity, reduces stress, promotes sleep and increases your self-esteem. And if I can appeal to your more superficial — though no less important side– it also gives you great skin. That’s right! The increased blood circulation helps oxygenate your skin so it glows and even makes your lips a little fuller, albeit temporarily. It also increases collagen production to help decrease and prevent future wrinkles. Work up a good sweat and it’ll eliminate toxins, cleanse your pores and balance hormones to prevent and help control acne.

Want a brighter, younger-looking, clearer complexion and have no partner in sight? If you don’t foresee an active sex life in the near future and aren’t in the mood to take matters into your own hands you can still have great skin.

Here, how your doctor can step in to help:


Ultrasound energy and radio-frequency devices like Ulthera and Thermage are non-ablative (meaning the skin’s surface is not affected) and heat your skin below the surface to boost collagen production and help reduce sagging, thereby tightening the skin. Chronic exposure to to the sun’s ultraviolet light can break down collagen, the major structural component of the skin. These devices can help rebuild and restore collagen, and help reverse the damage.


When it comes to facial fillers, less is most definitely more and you’ll want to be in the skilled hands of cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist that shares the same aesthetic as you. Your doctor can use hyaluronic acid filler or other fillers to subtly swell your lips and add volume to other areas of your face that can use a little lift. Your doctor will inject them directly into problem area and build up the tissue underneath.


Your doctor has many solutions to help treat acne, among them prescription topical treatments such as Aczone, oral care like Accutane and laser therapy such as blue light or pulsed dye lasers. Since many are not without side effects your doctor can help you determine which is the right choice for you.

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