Sole Searching?

Brrrrrr…it’s cold out there! When I’m chilled to the bone, one thing I do to stay warm is to hold a piping hot drink. Works like a charm! Which is why the timing was perfect for an invite to experience Sweet Lily’s Vanilla Latte Pedicure. I had a feeling it would do for my feet what holding said drink does for my hands, and then some.

Upon entering this respite from the hustle and bustle of  Tribeca I was led to an oversized comfy-cushy chair so a skilled manicurist could work her magic. My feet were soaked in a hot whipped cream concoction, scrubbed soft with a coffee bean scrub, wrapped in hot towels and massaged with a fresh vanilla bean body butter before being painted to perfection in a gorgeous plum shade of environmentally-friendly and health-conscious Zoya nail polish. Ahhhhh…sweet bliss!

This was by far the most soothing, relaxing, pampering and sole saving pedi I’ve ever received. I loved every second of it…so much so that it tops my holiday wish list. Maybe I’ll see you there…

Sweet Lily Vanilla Latte Pedicure, $74 / 60 minutes

Sweet Lily, 222 West Broadway, NYC. Call 212-925-5441 to make an appointment or for more information.


Think you can’t wear red lipstick? Think Again!

Every makeup artist I’ve ever met says there’s a red shade for everyone. That might be true but a bold crimson lip isn’t something I ever do. I love the look on others but for me, it feels like too, too much.

The way I wear red? Blotted so that it looks like I’ve been eating cherries. I still get the same flattering color but the intensity is toned down to the natural look that I prefer. Truly, it’s a look that works for all!

3 ways to do it:

  1. Apply just a bit of your favorite red lipstick, then rub into your lips with your fingertip.
  2. Swipe on your red the way you usually do. Blot down with a tissue.
  3. Use a lip-stain product. You’ll like Josie Maran Magic Marker Lip & Cheek Stain in Flamenco  or Benefit Benetint.


(photography courtesy of Pinterest)

Nancy Answers: How can I prevent flyaways?

Dear Nancy, What is going on with my hair? Whenever the temperature drops my hair sticks up in every direction. Help! Sincerely, C 

Dear C, ‘Tis the season…for flyaway hair that is. Cold air, low humidity and the process of one thing rubbing against another is the perfect storm for static electricity. When you run a brush or comb through your hair or remove a hat that’s been on your head, electrons are transferred from one surface to another giving your hair a negative charge and causing your strands to repel each other like the ends of a magnet. But fear not…you don’t have to keep your hat on all season.

  • A humidifier is your best friend right now. Keep it running in your home and/or office to cut down on dry air.
  • Yes, you need to be groomed and warm but do keep brushing, combing and hat wearing to a minimum.
  • Use conditioner after every shampoo and deep condition weekly.
  • Add a leave-in throughout the day if necessary.
  • Hand or body lotion will work in a pinch. Too much and you’ll end up with the greasies so only apply a small amount to your hands and rub them together before lightly running them over hair.
  • Spray hairspray or Static Guard onto a brush before gently brushing to tame flyaways. You can even spray them onto a toothbrush, perfectly sized for those tiny, broken strands by your part.
  • A dryer sheet works well. Simple run it from roots to ends.


(photography courtesy of Pinterest)


Step in to the BlowOut Bar

There’s just something about a great blowout. Yes, you look a whole lot better but it’s that addictive extra boost of confidence that makes you strut your stuff until your next shampoo.

I recently attended Blow In Blow Out’s grand opening event and felt pampered from the moment I stepped inside this cool, modern, gorgeous salon. I was offered a drink and something to eat while I eyed the apothecary jars full of hot pink, white and black gum balls. Drinks, food and candy don’t hurt but I came for the beauty and needed to find out if this blowout bar was worth spreading the news. I’m happy to report that it is!

Usually, my favorite part of a salon visit is the head massage while being shampooed and this one did not disappoint. Then, I got lost in conversation with another writer while under the dryer as a deep-conditioning Argan Mask replenished my dry, frazzled ends. Shown illustrations of six possible styles I opted for “The Glam Girl”…who wouldn’t want to rock a sexy vibe with a bit of wave and lots of movement?!! I couldn’t have been happier and better yet, my hair looked as great on day 3 as it did on day 1. Besides the skilled stylist I think it had something to do with Blow In Blow Out’s new line of haircare products, used in the salon and available for purchase. There’s a sulfate free, moisturizing Extreme Cream Shampoo, a clarifying Peppermint Shampoo and Conditioner, Leave-In Conditioners, a Detangler, Hair Polish and even a light-hold Hair Spray.

Thanks to Tara Galatt’s new Blow In Blow Out in Summit, NJ I  predict the local ladies of Summit and those living in the surrounding towns will be strutting their stuff a lot more often! Priced at just $35, a blowout session is something I’ll be booking again and again. It’s located at 330 Springfield Ave. in Summit, NJ. Call 908-273-4947 for more information, to book an appointment or party, buy a series of blowouts or inquire about their products.

*If you happen to be in the area from now through November 28th please stop by Blow In Blow Out to participate in The Gratitude Graffiti Project. Neon markers are available outside the store windows for you to contemplate and express what you are thankful for. For more info. contact or


Broken Beauty

I love this little trick that I learned about years ago!

With a little alcohol (the rubbing kind) and a butter knife you’ll never have to throw out a broken blush or eyeshadow ever again. Add a few drops of rubbing alcohol directly to the broken, dusty pieces of makeup until it’s soft. Then, take the butter knife and spread it across the container so it’s flat and smooth. Within a day or two days the alcohol will completely evaporate. When completely dry it’s good as new and ready for use.

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