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Fragrance and Flowers and Chocolates…Oh My!!!

Ralph Lauren Fragrances make it easy to treat yourself or someone special this Valentine’s Day.

For a limited time, when you purchase the 3.4 oz. bottle of the iconic Romance ($88-98) or the new Midnight Romance ($94-$105)  you’ll also receive a complementary box of assorted Belgian chocolates from Dylan’s Candy Bar or a dozen show-stopper roses.

Happy Valentine’s Day Indeed!

*Available on and at select retailers nationwide.

New Fragrance Find!

Product Review: Finn & Co. American Beauty White Sand and Black Sand Fragrance Oils. 

The verdict? You’ll love them!!! They both smell really, really beautiful but they evoke very different moods. And the packaging is amazing — rollerball tube applicators make them easy to transport for touch-ups throughout the day. I just toss in my bag and apply when the mood strikes.

After 9/11, Creator/Designer Meg Spencer made a life change and moved back to Maine where she pursued a more holistic educational path than the one she had been on. She became a licensed esthetician and eventually worked with organic oils and custom blends. Knowing that scent is a powerful memory trigger she was inspired by her happy childhood of days and nights spend on Nantucket and the coast of Maine.

The Fragrance Oils:

  • White Sand is light and clean. Honeysuckle, mandarin and a touch of salt blended with jojoba and apricot seed oil will have you imagining yourself, hair pulled back, face warmed by the sun, playing outdoors. Think fresh, natural and sporty, maybe climbing some sand dunes or paddle board in hand…even if you’ve never done that a day in your life.
  • Black Sand is sensual, it’s warm, musky, sexy. Sandalwood and warm vanilla blended with jojoba and apricot seed oil will bring to mind a warm, moonlit night, sandals in hand and a barefoot stroll on the beach. One whiff and you’ll see what I mean.

Finn & Co. White Sand or Black Sand , $42 each or $72 for the gift set at To see a list of retailers in your area, click here.

(photography courtesy of Finn & Co. American Beauty)


Top 10 Beauty Products for 2013

If it’s good enough for David Letterman, Amazon and Billboard it’s good enough for The Beauty Wall! Here, my Top Ten Favorite Beauty Products that I wrote about this past year…
Tarte Glamazon Lipstick…because it stays put for hours.

Dermalogica Skinperfect Primer…because flawless looking skin is always in style.

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage…because nothing covers as well while still looking natural.

Cane + Austin Miracle Pad…because why look older when you don’t have to.

Lamas Botanicals Pumpkin Spice Polish…because it cleans, sloughs and polishes and it smells amazing.

Lather Vanilla Bean & Shea Soap…because it smells sooooo good.

Korres Shower Gel…because this is way better than the next best thing.

Arrojo Defrizz Serum…because frizzy hair should be someone else’s problem.

Ouidad Wave Create Sea Spray…because on some days less is more.

21 Drops…because it helps cure whatever ails you and the packaging is so damn cute.

Scent of a Man

Still looking for a special holiday gift for the man in your life?

Flying under the radar is the must-have fragrance for the new year by famed celebrity photographer John Russo. His eponymous “Photograph for Men” began as a personal gift to some of his better-known subjects like Matt Damon and Brad Pitt before becoming available to the masses. It’s a clean, modern earthy scent with top  notes of mandarin, orange and bergamot, a heart of ginger and leather and a base of smoky tobacco. It’s fresh and masculine all at once, a combo that can’t be beat. Photograph for Men, $65 at

…and if you subscribe to the same holiday shopping motto that I believe in (one for you, one for me!) you’ll want to snap up his beautiful woman’s fragrance as well. “Photograph for Women” is a fresh floral with notes of freesia, peach, gardenia and amber. Photograph for Women, $65 at

(photography courtesy of John Russo Fragrances)



My Favorite Scent!

I’m not a very perfume-y sort of girl. Unless it’s a very special occasion, I prefer to smell fresh and clean like I just stepped out of the shower. My favorite fragrance, Bobbi Brown’s Bath Eau de Toilette helps me do just that…even if said shower was yesterday! This light, crisp eau de toilette blends notes of water hyacinth, neroli, orange flower, white lily, sage and more, but all you’ll notice is the lovely scent that lingers. Bath by Bobbi Brown, $70 at

Another fragrance along the lines of the same philosophy is Demeter’s Pure Soap Cologne Spray, $20 at After its dry-down, it leaves behind a faint scent reminiscent of Ivory Soap.

Nancy Answers: Help for Fragrance Fade-Out

Dear Nancy, I love wearing perfume but it disappears too soon after I apply it. How can I make it last a lot longer? Sincerely, M

Dear M, If your skin is on the dry end of the spectrum it’s nearly impossible to make it last without a bit of layering. To keep it from evaporating quickly, the fragrance needs something to adhere to. Use an unscented body lotion or jojoba oil to moisturize your skin (particularly in the areas you’ll be scenting), before spritzing on your favorite perfume. That should do the trick! Nancy