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Help for Thin Hair

I’ve noticed that when it comes to hair so many of us would prefer to have something very different than what we’ve been given. If you’re not blessed with gorgeous, thick, healthy-looking hair and would like to do something about it, try the beauty supplement that many actors and models swear by. Used by Reese Witherspoon, Karlie Kloss, Miley Cyrus and Miranda Lambert, Viviscal’s  proprietary ingredient, AminoMar, nourishes and promotes growth from the inside out.

Celeb stylist, Randy Stodghill says, “I always recommend my clients start taking Viviscal because it makes a big difference. The hair grows faster and gives more oomph, while leaving a healthy shine and soft finish. You end up having more volume because it is thicker and gives an all-around healthier appearance.”

Viviscal, $49,99 for a one month supply at viviscal.com. *Expect to take it for two months before you start to see results.