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Illuminate Me!!!

As far as skincare ingredients go, Glycolic Acid is a superstar!

  • It brightens skin by breaking down older, dull skin cells to reveal the newer, fresh skin beneath.
  • It can diminish fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, hyper-pigmentation and even scars.
  • It boosts radiance due to an increase in circulation.
  • Used twice a week it will put an end to unsightly blackheads.
  • It’s helpful in the treatment of acne and can even eliminate those white bumps on on the upper arm area.

Keep in mind, Glycolic acid is an AHA, a chemical exfoliant. It targets dull, dry skin by sloughing off the top layer and promoting cell turnover. You will most likely feel a tingling sensation at first and you might also experience some redness so for best results I recommend using Glycolic products at night so the redness has plenty of time to subside–you’ll wake up with brighter, clearer skin. I like using it a few times a week to keep my skin in check.


Lather 10-minute Brightening Mask with Glycolic Acid,  a twice a week fix for a dull complexion. It’s best to use it at bedtime because you can have redness (due to increased circulation) that can last about a half an hour. Apply a thin layer on cleansed skin (a tingling sensation is normal) and rinse with warm water after 5-10 minutes.

Peter Thomas Roth Glycolic Acid 10 Percent Moisturizer, an anti-aging, exfoliating facial cream. Use it at night since redness may occur.

Glytone Retexturize Body Lotion, SPF15, a skin smoothing and brightening lotion. Will turn dry areas (even elbows, knees, heels) silky and keep your skin radiant. Use sparingly, a little goes a long way. Thanks to added SPF you can use this lotion all day.

(photography courtesy of Pinterest)