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Better Skin…Starting Now!

New Product Review: Cane + Austin Miracle Pad, $78 for 60 pads.

If you’ve ever had a peel at an aesthetician or doctor’s office you know what an effective rejuvenating and brightening treatment it is, but the costly series of recommended sessions and flaking experienced for days afterwards might have you thinking twice about doing it again. Thanks to this breakthrough product that rivals in-office procedures you won’t have to.

Last week I attended a beauty event at Space NK, where NY-based renowned dermatologist and dermatopathologist Dr. Craig Austin introduced his Cane + Austin Miracle Pad, a medical grade product for the masses. This pre-treated perfecting pad contains the highest level of buffered Glycolic Acid that you can buy over the counter (20%), antioxidants A, C, E in a phospholipid based liposome, Coenzyme Q10 and Witch Hazel. In layman’s terms this means deeper penetration, maximum exfoliation without irritation, tighter, glowier skin and anti-aging protection from further damage. Simply swipe it over your complexion and within days it will diminish fine lines, lighten pigmentation, decrease pore size, rebuild collagen and increase radiance. Recommended use is morning and night but I highly suggest you build up to that to avoid irritation.

I started using it once every other day and the first few times I noticed a stinging sensation (completely normal). After a few days I switched to once a day and was surprised to see my complexion was already more taut and had found its inner glow again! That was fast…next week I’ll swipe it on twice a day, morning and night.

I know you’ll love Cane + Austin Miracle Pad, available in October, 2013, but if you can’t wait until then to get started try Cane + Austin Retexturizing Treatment Pad, $60 for 60. With a similar formula and 10% Glycolic Acid it’s still very, very effective.


Giveaway: 10 Lucky Readers Will Win Asap Super B Complex!!!

Product Review: ASAP Super B Complex, $89 at SkinStore.com.

For the past few weeks I’ve been using Asap Super B Complex, a hydrating serum containing a high concentration of Niacinamide and other B Vitamins known to boost hydration, give you a more even-toned complexion, reduce redness and even strengthen your skin’s outer protective barrier. It’s great for everyone but ideal if you have dry, sensitive or rosacea prone skin like I do. I’ve been applying one pump of this silky smooth serum twice a day–in the morning on bare, cleansed skin and in the evening with my retinol product (for extra anti-aging benefits). My complexion is softer, smoother and more moisturized with a healthy and radiant glow. You’ll love it!

Get Lucky & Win it!

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Summer School

Unfortunately, more often than not the lessons that stick are the ones that are learned the hard way. I’ve found myself getting “color”–a sunburn or tan–even though I applied sun protection before heading out and I could never understand why. After meeting Dr. Jeannette Graf, M.D. I finally have the answer. She says “sunscreen has a cumulative effect on the skin. Over time, it accumulates giving you more than just that day’s protection.”

If you haven’t been applying sunscreen each and every day and you’re only applying it when you spend lots of time in the sun it might not be enough to protect you from those burning, damaging and aging rays. Lesson learned!


Eye Cream Extraordinaire

Product Review: Replere by Dr. Debbie Palmer Renew & Firm Eye Serum, $98 at www.replere.com.

The good thing about being a beauty writer is I get to test a lot of products. Unfortunately, that’s also the bad thing about being a beauty writer because when I love a product I’m not so eager to move on in my search for the next great thing. That’s what happened to me with Replere by Dr. Debbie Palmer Renew & Firm Eye Serum.

A few weeks ago Replere’s publicist asked me to give Renew & Firm a try. I’ve been using it religiously for over a month now and it totally exceeded my expectations! My dark circles have really faded and  my under eye area actually appears tighter and brighter. I’m not so quick to put on my under-eye concealer in the morning.

Dr. Debbie Palmer’s entire skincare line is antioxidant focused and free of parabens (chemical preservatives), fragrances and dyes, making it ideal for sensitive skin. Renew & Firm contains hyaluronic acid and olive oil to hydrate plus super-powerful antioxidants including vitamins A, C & E, the berry of the coffee plant, green tea, goji and acai berries and grapeseed and works best when layered under a hydrating eye cream. The $98 cost might seem high but a little goes a long way–it lasts you 3 months.

(photography courtesy of Chadwick)

Doctor’s Orders: What you Should Be Doing Every Day

The Location:  Club Metropolitan, NYC.

The Topic:  Anti-aging.

The Mood:  Relaxed, cocktail party-ish vibe.

While sipping wine and enjoying apps and bite-size desserts I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Jeannette Graf, an assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City. She was there to talk about anti-aging, specifically on how we can stop the aging process. She’s a big believer in diet and lifestyle but says “the right skin care plays a crucial role to stop aging now.”

Dr. Graf explained how our cells are hard-wired to function differently during the day when they’re in protective mode vs. the night when our bodies are at rest and our cells are renewing and repairing damage. Our pH levels,  sebum, antioxidant production and more support this. “We can help this process along with the right products,” says Graf. “The bare minimum you should be doing is applying sunscreen during the day and a retinol product at night.”

MORNING: According to Dr. Graf the number one daytime anti-aging product to use is broad spectrum sun protection. It’s the most important thing you can do for your skin.

  • Use it each and every day. Incorporate it into your morning routine, the way you brush your teeth.
  • Use an SPF50 or greater in late spring through early fall since the sun’s UVB rays are stronger then. In late fall through early spring you can stick with an SPF30.
  • Apply 30 minutes prior to sun exposure and reapply every 40 minutes.
  • Sunscreens with added antioxidants like Vitamin C and E will further enhance protection from environmental pollutants.
  • Apply it even if you’ll be in the shade or it’s cloudy out.

Try: Glytone Suncare Block Sunscreen Lotion, $37 at dermshop.com or Neutrogena Age Shield Sunblock, $9.99 at target.com.

EVENING: While you rest, your cells are in renewal mode. Dr. Graf believes “no matter what your age, complexion or skin type, retinol (Vitamin A) is the most important  skin care ingredient to help your skin renew itself.”  Retinol has been clinically proven to regulate skin repair on a molecular level. It will decrease fine lines and wrinkles, improve collagen production, enhance elasticity, improve tone and texture and target hyperpigmentation.  There are multiple forms of retinol available in prescription and over-the-counter strength. Look for retinol, retinaldehyde and retinyl palmitate.

  • Only apply your retinol product at night.
  • Don’t apply on damp skin. It will absorb unevenly, increasing your chance of sensitivity.
  • To avoid irritation, use every other day and start with the lowest percentage retinol cream and increase up from there as you find your skin tolerating it well.
  • When using a retinol product, always apply sunscreen during the day.
  • Continue using to maintain your results.

Try: Glytone Enhance Night Renewal Cream, $72 at dermstore.com, Eau Thermale Avene Retrinol+0.1 Cream, $69 at dermstore.com or SkinCeuticals Retinol 0.5, $55 at skinceuticals.com.


Hats Off!

I always miss the mark on buying a summer hat–I start a little too late in the season and all the good ones are gone. This year will be different! Since it’s almost time for fun in the sun, it’s definitely time for a new summer hat. Here, some great picks:

  1. Olona Wide Brim Sunhat. $135 at barneys.com. Bright orange, 100% cotton, canvas soigne hat with an extra wide sun protecting brim.
  2. Biltmore for Madewell Panama Hat, $43.50 at madewell.com. A beach-ready, floppy, panama hat made from toyo paper.
  3. Jonathan Adler Print Bucket Hat, $98 at nordstrom.com. Playful typography and a raw-cut brim adorn this jute bucket hat.

photo courtesy of Beso, Bop Basics Floppy Raffia Sunhat, $98 at shopbop.com.


Is there a cure for grey hair?

It seems there is. Research scientists at Bradford University’s School of Life Sciences in the UK have come up with a topical treatment that prevents and reverses the greying process. They’ve discovered that people who are going grey develop an overabundance of oxidative stress leading to an accumulation of hydrogen peroxide in the hair follicle, causing it to actually bleach itself from the inside out. This same treatment also appears to be a remedy for people with vitiligo, a skin condition that causes loss of pigmentation leading to white patches on the skin.

Though there are some who embrace their silvery strands, if you’re not one of them this is great news! But don’t cancel your colorist appointment just yet, it’s still in the research stage and could be years before it’s available to the public.

photo courtesy of Pinterest