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Baby Your Skin…Literally!

Have I mentioned my little beauty vice?  I’m addicted to taking hot showers two to three times a day. Nothing else warms me in quite the same way but this “habit” of mine was taking a huge toll on my skin. It was very dry, but the additional hand-washing throughout the day and not always wearing gloves when outside had turned my hands rough, red, old-looking, seemingly beyond repair…not attractive or healthy at all!  And then I tried Mustela Stelatopia Moisturizing Cream. It’s a miracle cream –after just one use my hands were fixed! They were soft, smooth, supple and even-toned. Did they look this good before?

This cream is different than anything I’ve ever used. It’s rich and light (if that makes any sense) — it goes on creamy but almost feels slick like a gel as I rub it in and it quickly nourishes and soothes dry, moisture-depleted skin. I’ve been using it on my body and hands and my skin is back to healthy and really soft! It contains Mustela’s patented Sunflower Oil Distillate, which improves skin barrier function with an ingredient that’s concentrated in tocopherols, phytosterols and essentail fatty acids without any proteins so it’s even safe for those with nut allergies.

Mustela’s Stelatopia line was developed to meet the specific needs of eczema-prone skin and though I don’t have eczema, my skin was very dry and this cream got the job done like no other cream that came before it. The moisturizing cream is rich enough for me for everyday use and I love the way it penetrates easily without leaving any greasy feel, but if you or your children have extremely dry skin that’s irritated or suffer from itching and/or eczema there’s also a balm with a richer, thicker texture, Mustela Stelatopia Lipid-Replenishing Balm for Extremely Dry Skin/Excema-Prone Skin. It also contains the patented ingredient, is gentle enough to be used on the face and body of infants, babies and children and it’s even been awarded the National Eczema Association seal of acceptance.

If you’re familiar with Mustela, you might know they’re the No. 1 baby care brand in Europe  and their Dermo-Pediatrics Stelatopia line is formulated to handle the needs of babies’ more vulnerable skin but if you have dry, sensitive or eczema-prone skin I know these products will work for you, too. I’m sold!!!

To purchase: Mustela Stelatopia Moisturizing Cream, $22 at drugstore.com,  Mustela Stelatopia Lipid-Replenishing Balm, $22 at drugstore.com.

(photography courtesy of Pinterest and Mustela)

Exceptional Epsom Salt

When I was a child, we had a huge box of epsom salt under the bathroom sink. My mom said it was good for me and would pour some in the tub before my weekly (!) bath. Then I grew up, went off to college and didn’t think about Epsom Salt until now actually. Turns out my mom was right, it is good for you.

Magnesium, a naturally occurring mineral is important for many systems in the body, especially the muscles and nerves. Epsom Salt, also known as Magnesium Sulfate, is easily absorbed through the skin when dissolved in water and can help you boost your magnesium levels. Here, some other uses:

  1. Soothe sore muscles by adding 2 cups of Epsom Salt to a tub of warm water. Soak for about 20 minutes.
  2. Polish skin by adding a tbs. of Epsom Salt to your usual face or body cleanser.
  3. Relieve a headache. Evidence suggests that soaking in a soothing epsom salt bath helps.
  4. To soften, deodorize and refresh tired feet add 1/2 cup Epsom Salt to a basin of warm water.
  5. Get textured, beachy-hair with a homemade sea-salt spray. Mix 1 cup hot water, 2 tbsp. Epsom Salt and a small squirt of hair conditioner in a spray bottle. Spritz hair and let air-dry.
  6. Draw out a splinter by soaking the affected area in an Epsom Salt bath.
  7. Easily clean tile and grout with a mixture of equal parts Epsom Salt and liquid dish detergent.
  8. Relieve itchy skin and bug bites by dissolving a tablespoon of Epsom Salt in 1/2 cup of warm water. Allow to cool before applying to skin with a compress.
  9. Boost plant growth, by adding a tablespoon of Epsom Salts to the soil below them weekly.

for product information or locations, visit www.drteals.com.

Giveaway: 10 Lucky Readers Will Win Asap Super B Complex!!!

Product Review: ASAP Super B Complex, $89 at SkinStore.com.

For the past few weeks I’ve been using Asap Super B Complex, a hydrating serum containing a high concentration of Niacinamide and other B Vitamins known to boost hydration, give you a more even-toned complexion, reduce redness and even strengthen your skin’s outer protective barrier. It’s great for everyone but ideal if you have dry, sensitive or rosacea prone skin like I do. I’ve been applying one pump of this silky smooth serum twice a day–in the morning on bare, cleansed skin and in the evening with my retinol product (for extra anti-aging benefits). My complexion is softer, smoother and more moisturized with a healthy and radiant glow. You’ll love it!

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Nancy Answers: Can I mix and match different brands of skincare?

Dear Nancy, I know most skin care companies want you to use their whole line of products, but is it okay to mix and match from different lines instead?  Sincerely, G

Dear G, When I first started in the beauty business I was so excited to be surrounded by so many great products I was like a kid in a candy store. I was cocktail-ing with the best of them…and my skin paid the price for it! “The short answer though, is yes, it can be safe to mix and match different brands of skincare,” according to Dr. Komal Pandya, a board certified general and cosmetic dermatologist with The Dermatologist Group in Paramus and Nutley, NJ. But, before doing so, you should “consult with a licensed esthetician or board-certified dermatologist to avoid adverse reactions from active ingredients and determine a skincare regimen that will give you the results you desire.”

Certain active ingredients and different pH levels can cancel each other out or cause irritation if improperly combined. Also, keep in mind that some products work best when used daily, once or twice a week or only at night. Pandya says “choosing one brand of skincare certainly makes it easier to piece all of the products together, and some lines are formulated to work synergistically as a set, but with a little bit of homework – and the guidance of a professional (not the salespeople behind the counters who have a vested interest in the line) – you can certainly stick to your favorites and add in some powerful new products from other companies.”

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