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Eye Cream Extraordinaire

Product Review: Replere by Dr. Debbie Palmer Renew & Firm Eye Serum, $98 at www.replere.com.

The good thing about being a beauty writer is I get to test a lot of products. Unfortunately, that’s also the bad thing about being a beauty writer because when I love a product I’m not so eager to move on in my search for the next great thing. That’s what happened to me with Replere by Dr. Debbie Palmer Renew & Firm Eye Serum.

A few weeks ago Replere’s publicist asked me to give Renew & Firm a try. I’ve been using it religiously for over a month now and it totally exceeded my expectations! My dark circles have really faded and  my under eye area actually appears tighter and brighter. I’m not so quick to put on my under-eye concealer in the morning.

Dr. Debbie Palmer’s entire skincare line is antioxidant focused and free of parabens (chemical preservatives), fragrances and dyes, making it ideal for sensitive skin. Renew & Firm contains hyaluronic acid and olive oil to hydrate plus super-powerful antioxidants including vitamins A, C & E, the berry of the coffee plant, green tea, goji and acai berries and grapeseed and works best when layered under a hydrating eye cream. The $98 cost might seem high but a little goes a long way–it lasts you 3 months.

(photography courtesy of Chadwick)