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Is there a cure for grey hair?

It seems there is. Research scientists at Bradford University’s School of Life Sciences in the UK have come up with a topical treatment that prevents and reverses the greying process. They’ve discovered that people who are going grey develop an overabundance of oxidative stress leading to an accumulation of hydrogen peroxide in the hair follicle, causing it to actually bleach itself from the inside out. This same treatment also appears to be a remedy for people with vitiligo, a skin condition that causes loss of pigmentation leading to white patches on the skin.

Though there are some who embrace their silvery strands, if you’re not one of them this is great news! But don’t cancel your colorist appointment just yet, it’s still in the research stage and could be years before it’s available to the public.

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Best Tressed!

Mitch Stone, Celebrity Hairstylist and Creative Director of Mitch Stone Essentials earned his stellar reputation one job at a time. His bio includes fashion shoots for Herb Ritts and Arthur Elgort, runway shows for Armani, Adrienne Vittadini and Patricia Fields, campaigns for Redken, Pantene and Victoria’s Secret and editorial work for Vogue, InStyle and Rolling Stone. He tends to the tresses of many a celeb including Jennifer Lopez and George Clooney. Let’s just say, he’s busy! So busy in fact, that I had to reach him in Bali where he was working, to have my questions answered.

Q: Why does hair lose its luster as we age? Is there anything we can do to change this?

As we get older, the body stops producing Melanin which is what gives hair its color.  It’s also what gives hair its shine.  As the Melanin dissipates, the hair starts to  grey – leaving it more course, brittle and dull.  

Another cause for loss of luster is the elements – wind, sun…and of course the old culprits, blow dyers and curling irons.  One of the  best ways to prevent lackluster hair is to use high quality hair care products and to limit your use of heat appliances.

Q: What do you recommend to get super shiny hair?
  • The key to keeping super shiny hair is to have it trimmed every 6-8 weeks and get a deep conditioning treatment at the same time.  
  • Also, what you do for your internal health can help. Be sure to take vitamins and minerals that promote hair health.
  • When styling, one of the best ways to achieve super shiny hair is to start with clean, conditioned, wet hair.  Using a boars hair and nylon mixed brush, pull and stretch the hair in one  inch sections while blowdrying.  Be sure to blow dry down in the direction the hair grows, as this will help to close the cuticle and create a reflective quality to the hair that will shine.   And of course, finish the look with Lustre Drops to seal the cuticle shut and add extra shine.

Mitch Stone Essentials Lustre Drops will give you super-shiny, smooth, humidity resistant hair but the fact that it’s infused with restorative key nutrients to actually improve hair health is what makes it stand out.  Brilliant!

How to Get Perfect Brows: Q&A with Ramy Gafni

The perfect brow is possible when you have brow guru, Ramy Gafni, in your corner. Since we can’t all get to Ramy, I thought I’d bring Ramy to you.

What are the beauty benefits of having the right eyebrow shape? The right brow shape is like makeup that you don’t wash off. It can lift your eyes, make you look younger or more sophisticated. It’s the easiest way to improve your appearance dramatically without plastic surgery.
Right now, what’s trending in brows? I’m happy to report that for the past several years we’ve seen the trend toward fuller, bolder eyebrows. I’ve always advocated what I call the “fully actualized eyebrow” which is a well groomed brow that’s as full as possible, not too short, not too far apart, with an arch that follows one’s bone structure.
How can a woman find the right brow shape for her face shape? It’s ideal to have your brows shaped at least once by a well recommended expert because its difficult to be objective with your own face. If you don’t have the opportunity to see an expert, look at famous actresses that you might resemble to see what your brows should look like.
If someone has over-plucked or sparse brows, can she fake a fuller brow and still have it look natural?
Yes! You can fake it til you make it! Fill in a sparse or thin brow with a wax based pen, pencil or pomade. Choose a shade that’s two shades lighter than your hair color. If in doubt, choose a universally flattering taupe. Fill the entire brow, not just the sparse area. The brow should look uniform. Apply product directly on the brow hairs, not above or below the brows. After applying, it’s very important to brush through the product. This removes the excess product and blends what’s left behind so you end up with great looking eyebrows, not made up looking brows.
What products are necessary to get and maintain a good brow? good tweezers, safety scissors, a small brush, brow filler if necessary. From RAMY Cosmetics, I use the Ramy Tweezers by Tweezerman ($25), the Ramy Scissor by Tweezerman ($18), the Perfect Brow Wand ($28), Miracle Brow ($28), the Browtility Brush ($21), all available at
*Ramy’s long list of celebrity clients includes Michelle Williams and Taylor Swift.


Want Healthy, Glow-y Skin?

Though, some people (young children and the genetically gifted, like my sister-in-law Jen) have naturally glow-y skin that seems lit from within, most of us need a little extra help.

Years ago at a deskside–that’s simply a buzzword for a quick meeting for convenience sake at a journalist’s office–I met skin care expert and celebrity esthetician, Renee Rouleau, and was taken with her smarts, her radiant skin and her product line. I recently asked her advice on luminous skin. Rouleau, says “exfoliation is one of the most important techniques you can do to achieve skin that’s bright, smooth and glowing. By removing the dead, expired skin cells you make way for  the new, fresh ones that lie below.”

Q&A with Renee Rouleau:

Why Is Exfoliation Important?  It can help resolve certain skin problems ranging from blemished skin to post-breakout red/dark marks, clogged pores, hyperpigmentation, dry skin, skin texture and signs of aging.

Should you exfoliate your body, too? Sloughing the body helps with problems like back breakouts, bumps on arms and legs, ingrown hairs, lightening dark skin on knees and elbows and for sunless tan prep. An exfoliating body cloth will remove dry skin cells and reveal softer, smoother skin and more even-toned skin on the body. These cloths work effectively with a mild shower gel. For back breakouts, using an antibacterial cleanser (like AHA/BHA Cleansing Gel) applied to the cloth and rubbed over the skin. It can be very effective for reducing back and body breakouts and fading post-breakout acne scars.

What are the different types of exfoliants?  There are two types of exfoliants:

First, a “chemical” or “acid” exfoliant does the work for you. You apply it, leave it on the skin, and it works to dissolve the dry skin cells. These exfoliants include ingredients such as Glycolic Acid, AHAs and BHA, and enzymes such as Pumpkin, Papaya, and Pineapple. (To try, Renée Rouleau Triple Berry Smoothing Peel )

Second, a “physical” exfoliant means that you have to do the work. These exfoliants include facial brushes, sponges, and facial scrubs. Mint Buffing Beads

A combination of both physical and chemical exfoliants will give your skin the best results. For most skin types, this would be a mild alcohol-free Glycolic Acid Serum or AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) used under a night cream 3 nights on and followed by 3 nights off. This way, you’re still getting an intensive exfoliation, but you also give your skin a break. You’d combine this with a very mild facial scrub twice a week to lift off and remove the dissolved skin cells.

Is there anyone who should not exfoliate? For sensitive skin, I suggest using a gentle 10% version of glycolic acid like AHA Smoothing Serum 10%  as it’s safe for delicate skin types. For severely sun damaged skin, Retinol is effective because it exfoliates more deeply in the skin. In addition to a retinol a 20% AHA serum like the Renée Rouleau AHA Smoothing Serum 20%  helps to resurface wrinkled skin that is in need of more resurfacing to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Note a retinol and an acid should not be used on the same night.

Is there anything else about exfoliation we should know?  Do not exfoliate daily, for most skin types, it’s too much! A facial scrub should be used 2-3 times a week, and an acid serum should be used three nights on and three nights off.