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Mitch Stone, Celebrity Hairstylist and Creative Director of Mitch Stone Essentials earned his stellar reputation one job at a time. His bio includes fashion shoots for Herb Ritts and Arthur Elgort, runway shows for Armani, Adrienne Vittadini and Patricia Fields, campaigns for Redken, Pantene and Victoria’s Secret and editorial work for Vogue, InStyle and Rolling Stone. He tends to the tresses of many a celeb including Jennifer Lopez and George Clooney. Let’s just say, he’s busy! So busy in fact, that I had to reach him in Bali where he was working, to have my questions answered.

Q: Why does hair lose its luster as we age? Is there anything we can do to change this?

As we get older, the body stops producing Melanin which is what gives hair its color.  It’s also what gives hair its shine.  As the Melanin dissipates, the hair starts to  grey – leaving it more course, brittle and dull.  

Another cause for loss of luster is the elements – wind, sun…and of course the old culprits, blow dyers and curling irons.  One of the  best ways to prevent lackluster hair is to use high quality hair care products and to limit your use of heat appliances.

Q: What do you recommend to get super shiny hair?
  • The key to keeping super shiny hair is to have it trimmed every 6-8 weeks and get a deep conditioning treatment at the same time.  
  • Also, what you do for your internal health can help. Be sure to take vitamins and minerals that promote hair health.
  • When styling, one of the best ways to achieve super shiny hair is to start with clean, conditioned, wet hair.  Using a boars hair and nylon mixed brush, pull and stretch the hair in one  inch sections while blowdrying.  Be sure to blow dry down in the direction the hair grows, as this will help to close the cuticle and create a reflective quality to the hair that will shine.   And of course, finish the look with Lustre Drops to seal the cuticle shut and add extra shine.

Mitch Stone Essentials Lustre Drops will give you super-shiny, smooth, humidity resistant hair but the fact that it’s infused with restorative key nutrients to actually improve hair health is what makes it stand out.  Brilliant!

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