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How to Get Perfect Brows: Q&A with Ramy Gafni

The perfect brow is possible when you have brow guru, Ramy Gafni, in your corner. Since we can’t all get to Ramy, I thought I’d bring Ramy to you.

What are the beauty benefits of having the right eyebrow shape? The right brow shape is like makeup that you don’t wash off. It can lift your eyes, make you look younger or more sophisticated. It’s the easiest way to improve your appearance dramatically without plastic surgery.
Right now, what’s trending in brows? I’m happy to report that for the past several years we’ve seen the trend toward fuller, bolder eyebrows. I’ve always advocated what I call the “fully actualized eyebrow” which is a well groomed brow that’s as full as possible, not too short, not too far apart, with an arch that follows one’s bone structure.
How can a woman find the right brow shape for her face shape? It’s ideal to have your brows shaped at least once by a well recommended expert because its difficult to be objective with your own face. If you don’t have the opportunity to see an expert, look at famous actresses that you might resemble to see what your brows should look like.
If someone has over-plucked or sparse brows, can she fake a fuller brow and still have it look natural?
Yes! You can fake it til you make it! Fill in a sparse or thin brow with a wax based pen, pencil or pomade. Choose a shade that’s two shades lighter than your hair color. If in doubt, choose a universally flattering taupe. Fill the entire brow, not just the sparse area. The brow should look uniform. Apply product directly on the brow hairs, not above or below the brows. After applying, it’s very important to brush through the product. This removes the excess product and blends what’s left behind so you end up with great looking eyebrows, not made up looking brows.
What products are necessary to get and maintain a good brow? good tweezers, safety scissors, a small brush, brow filler if necessary. From RAMY Cosmetics, I use the Ramy Tweezers by Tweezerman ($25), the Ramy Scissor by Tweezerman ($18), the Perfect Brow Wand ($28), Miracle Brow ($28), the Browtility Brush ($21), all available at www.Ramy.com.
*Ramy’s long list of celebrity clients includes Michelle Williams and Taylor Swift.