Think you can’t wear red lipstick? Think Again!

Every makeup artist I’ve ever met says there’s a red shade for everyone. That might be true but a bold crimson lip isn’t something I ever do. I love the look on others but for me, it feels like too, too much.

The way I wear red? Blotted so that it looks like I’ve been eating cherries. I still get the same flattering color but the intensity is toned down to the natural look that I prefer. Truly, it’s a look that works for all!

3 ways to do it:

  1. Apply just a bit of your favorite red lipstick, then rub into your lips with your fingertip.
  2. Swipe on your red the way you usually do. Blot down with a tissue.
  3. Use a lip-stain product. You’ll like Josie Maran Magic Marker Lip & Cheek Stain in Flamenco  or Benefit Benetint.


(photography courtesy of Pinterest)

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