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Step in to the BlowOut Bar

There’s just something about a great blowout. Yes, you look a whole lot better but it’s that addictive extra boost of confidence that makes you strut your stuff until your next shampoo.

I recently attended Blow In Blow Out’s grand opening event and felt pampered from the moment I stepped inside this cool, modern, gorgeous salon. I was offered a drink and something to eat while I eyed the apothecary jars full of hot pink, white and black gum balls. Drinks, food and candy don’t hurt but I came for the beauty and needed to find out if this blowout bar was worth spreading the news. I’m happy to report that it is!

Usually, my favorite part of a salon visit is the head massage while being shampooed and this one did not disappoint. Then, I got lost in conversation with another writer while under the dryer as a deep-conditioning Argan Mask replenished my dry, frazzled ends. Shown illustrations of six possible styles I opted for “The Glam Girl”…who wouldn’t want to rock a sexy vibe with a bit of wave and lots of movement?!! I couldn’t have been happier and better yet, my hair looked as great on day 3 as it did on day 1. Besides the skilled stylist I think it had something to do with Blow In Blow Out’s new line of haircare products, used in the salon and available for purchase. There’s a sulfate free, moisturizing Extreme Cream Shampoo, a clarifying Peppermint Shampoo and Conditioner, Leave-In Conditioners, a Detangler, Hair Polish and even a light-hold Hair Spray.

Thanks to Tara Galatt’s new Blow In Blow Out in Summit, NJ I  predict the local ladies of Summit and those living in the surrounding towns will be strutting their stuff a lot more often! Priced at just $35, a blowout session is something I’ll be booking again and again. It’s located at 330 Springfield Ave. in Summit, NJ. Call 908-273-4947 for more information, to book an appointment or party, buy a series of blowouts or inquire about their products.

*If you happen to be in the area from now through November 28th please stop by Blow In Blow Out to participate in The Gratitude Graffiti Project. Neon markers are available outside the store windows for you to contemplate and express what you are thankful for. For more info. contact blowin-blowout.com or thegratitudegraffitiproject.com.


Blow & Go!

You know that feeling after you leave the salon. Your hair has body, bounce and shine and you know you look great. But no matter how hard you try to replicate that look yourself,  you can’t quite master it. Enter Blow In Blow Out.

Tara Galatt, CEO and Owner of the soon-to-debut Blow In Blow Out in Summit, NJ knew this was something she had to do after experiencing a blow dry bar while on a trip to Los Angeles. She set about finding the perfect location in a walking town where women like to take care of themselves and would appreciate this affordable luxury.

Blow In Blow Out aims to be the best at one thing. The perfect blowout. With a menu including aromatherapy scalp treatments, shampoo and conditioning serums and six signature styling options (all for only $35!) plus braids, ponies and updos, Blow In Blow Out is poised to take the town by storm. I for one, can’t wait!

Blow In Blow Out, 330 Springfield Ave., Summit, NJ, 07901, (908) 273-4947 www.blowin-blowout.com