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New Fragrance Find!

Product Review: Finn & Co. American Beauty White Sand and Black Sand Fragrance Oils. 

The verdict? You’ll love them!!! They both smell really, really beautiful but they evoke very different moods. And the packaging is amazing — rollerball tube applicators make them easy to transport for touch-ups throughout the day. I just toss in my bag and apply when the mood strikes.

After 9/11, Creator/Designer Meg Spencer made a life change and moved back to Maine where she pursued a more holistic educational path than the one she had been on. She became a licensed esthetician and eventually worked with organic oils and custom blends. Knowing that scent is a powerful memory trigger she was inspired by her happy childhood of days and nights spend on Nantucket and the coast of Maine.

The Fragrance Oils:

  • White Sand is light and clean. Honeysuckle, mandarin and a touch of salt blended with jojoba and apricot seed oil will have you imagining yourself, hair pulled back, face warmed by the sun, playing outdoors. Think fresh, natural and sporty, maybe climbing some sand dunes or paddle board in hand…even if you’ve never done that a day in your life.
  • Black Sand is sensual, it’s warm, musky, sexy. Sandalwood and warm vanilla blended with jojoba and apricot seed oil will bring to mind a warm, moonlit night, sandals in hand and a barefoot stroll on the beach. One whiff and you’ll see what I mean.

Finn & Co. White Sand or Black Sand , $42 each or $72 for the gift set at www.thefaceoffinn.com. To see a list of retailers in your area, click here.

(photography courtesy of Finn & Co. American Beauty)