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Great New Skincare Line! POE

Product Review: POE

As a beauty expert, I’m asked to test new products all the time and I can say without a doubt POE (Purity of Elements) is a new skincare company worth writing about!¬†Founded by a mother/daughter duo (Sheri Poe and Danielle Birrittella) looking for a simpler skincare regimen, there are two basic lines, one preventative and one restorative with anti-aging products for radiant skin at any age.

I sampled from the restorative kit:

  1. I applied a generous amount of the Mandarin Marine Moisture Mask to clean skin and left it on for 10 minutes. This gel felt cool as it dried and I could actually feel it working. After 10 minutes, I rinsed with tepid water and saw an immediate improvement. Packed with Vitamin C and Ginger Root Extract, it gave me back my healthy glow!
  2. After patting dry, I followed the mask with the H2Poe Hydrating Serum. It’s formulated with Lactic and Hyaluronic Acids, Peptides, Collagen, Antioxidants and other super-charged ingredients for major rejuvenating effects.
  3. Lastly, I topped off the serum with the Radical Renewal Hydrating Cream, a super-moisturizer that not only hydrates but helps reverse damage thanks to ingredients like Retinol, Avocado Oil and Fatty Acids.

Fantastic results! POE Skin Care Collection, $18 – $84, available at www.purityofelements.com.