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The Bar Scene

Product Review: Lather Vanilla Bean & Shea Soap, $8, available at lather.com.

My name is Nancy and I’m an addict…addicted to soap that is. I’ve yet to meet a bar that didn’t make me want to put it right up to my nose and sniff it. Or immediately rush home, rip off my clothes and step into the shower with it. Over the years, I’m sure I’ve had well over a thousand bars of soap in my stash, some used to freshen drawers and closets, some used as party favors, and of course the majority used to shower and bathe. I just can’t help myself and really, do I need to?

Lately I’d been eyeing one sitting near the top of the pile. Lather Vanilla Bean & Shea Soap is said to work well for all skin types, but is ideal for normal to dry skin thanks to an olive oil base with added shea butter to soothe and soften.  It also contains organic vanilla bean powder to gently exfoliate skin as well as vanilla and lemon essential oils for a warm, happy scent.

Lather Vanilla Bean & Shea Soap  is even better than I expected! After wetting it under the warm spray, it lathered nicely and smelled delicious, but what really got my attention was the vanilla bean powder which you could actually feel–it was grainy to the touch. I rubbed it all over my body, being gentle on the more sensitive areas and using a more vigorous approach on others.

This soap smells amazing and my skin feels fresh, clean, soft, smooth and moisturized. I highly recommend it! Treat yourself, help the world! For every olive oil soap sold, LATHER with donate the equivalent of five bars of soap to Clean The World, a non-profit organization that recycles and distributes soap around the world to people in need.



Happy Earth Day…Lather Up!

Today is Earth Day, a day to think about the environment and the issues that threaten it. Unfortunately, one of the greatest threats is woman! The beauty products we use on a daily basis can have a huge, negative impact on the earth. But, you don’t have to sacrifice beauty for the sake of the environment. One way to lower your carbon footprint is to use eco-friendly products and packaging…and LATHER stands out as a shining example!

I first discovered this brand a few years ago while staying at a swanky Vegas hotel. The wonderful-ness of the lemongrass soap and body wash made me linger in the shower that much longer (I know…not so good for the environment). LATHER is a beauty company with skin care (face and body), hair care and aromatherapy. Besides formulas made with natural ingredients, pure essential oils and no synthetic fragrances or colors, nearly all the products are paraben and sulfate-free and their sample packs, shopping bags, and gift cards are all made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials. Customers can even return empty LATHER containers to receive 10% off their next purchase. Not bad!

I recently received a box chock full of LATHER products to review…I’m in heaven!!! Though I’m taking my sweet time working my way through it, here is one notable mention in case you’re looking for that perfect body cream:

LATHER Coconut Creme Body Whip, $22 at www.lather.com. I applied it all over my body and my skin was instantly silky smooth without the least bit of greasiness. Truly!  And that scent…fresh coconut/vanilla. Perfection!

If shopping for beauty products doesn’t feel enough like “earth-day” to you, you can also get your hair cut or blown out at a participating Aveda salon today (see my previous post here). Still not enough? Plant a tree, pick up trash in your town today and everyday, always turn off the lights when you leave a room and recycle/repurpose whenever possible. Happy Earth Day!!! xoxoNancy