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Flutter Bys!

I’ve got bugs and insects on the brain thanks to the thousands of cicadas I’m left to dodge daily–they blanket the sidewalks and street during my morning run. Creepy crawlies are most definitely not my thing, but butterflies that flutter by…they can hang around me any day, any way. Unfortunately their season is short-lived, which is why I’m drawn to anything with a butterfly on it. If you like papillons (and who doesn’t!) I know you’ll love these:

Butterfly Book Plates, $10 for 5 at bespokecustomgifts.com. Some books are keepers! If you lend out your favorites the way I do, I highly recommend you write your name inside…or  better yet, attach a personalized book plate to the inside cover so there will be no mistaking ownership. Know an avid reader or recent grad? These gorgeous butterfly book plates make the best gift when paired with a book. At only $10 for a set of 5, I plan on stocking up!

Museum Quality Insects Collection – Butterflies, $2229 at theevolutionstore.com. I’ve been eyeing this (and dropping major hints) for years! If I ever have a few $thousand lying around that isn’t earmarked for bills, the college-fund or a family vacation, this is the first thing I’ll buy!