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Tuck in Guaranteed

When I’m getting dressed I usually leave my shirt out or in that half-tucked limbo because whenever I fully tuck a top it doesn’t stay and I end up looking disheveled. Thanks to a recent press event where I came across Bradamant bodysuits (a blouse-bodysuit hybrid) I can now tuck with the best of them!

Designed by Tamar Daniel, Bradamant bodysuits are a sleeker, smarter, way cooler version of their super-skintight cousins that were around in the 90’s, but instead of spandex the fabrics are silk, chambray, jersey and lambskin and the fitted or blousy styles are all modern. Better yet, they’re slimming since they add no volume to the hip area and they’re designed to add lift to your bottom without any visible panty lines. You’ll feel comfy and look polished and pulled-together all day long, no matter how much bending and reaching and stretching you do.

www.bradamant.com, $58 and up.