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Switch Up Your Style with Hair Jewelry

The easiest way to get out of a hairstyle rut is with a great hair accessory, and the best way to wear it is a bit unconventional. I’m thinking decorative headbands, bobbies and even special necklaces pinned in place (see above) for a statement-making finishing touch.

3 ways accessorize your hair and do it right:

  1. Slip a headband into a loose style without pulling hair back.
  2. You don’t have to be invited to a British royal wedding to pull off this look but you do have to have loads of confidence. For when more is more!
  3. Pretty barrettes and bobbies dress up long and short hair alike. Hold back bangs, decorate a carefree twist or add some magic with three in a row to accompany a low side part.

(featured image courtesy of lefashionimageblogspot.com)

(gallery images (left to right), Athena Headband, $20 at urbanoutfitters.com, Katie Burley Millenery Midnight Flight Feather Headband, $200 at urbanoutfitters.com, Dipali Bobbies, $24 at anthropologie.com)