Happy Feet to Go!

It was my third or fourth date with the man who is now my husband. I don’t remember what I was wearing but I do remember the shoes. They were gorgeous, strappy snakeskin sandals. When I tried them on in the store about a year earlier I knew I had to have them. I slipped them on, looked in the mirror and loved what I saw in my reflection. I instantly felt sexier, more desirable and extra-confident.

The fact that they weren’t very comfortable was just a side note. I knew I wouldn’t get much wear out of them but that was beside the point. I lived in the city so taking a cab and walking a few steps to my destination didn’t seem like such a big deal…until I had to walk more than a few steps. I remember a stroll after dinner that became a piggyback ride that morphed into me walking barefoot. If only I’d had Kushyfoot Flats to Go! tucked into my bag.

What: Slip off those killer heels that kill your feet and slip into Kushyfoot Flats to Go!. These stylish faux leather, lightweight ballet flats fold easily into their small portable pouch.

Why: Because you’re sick and tired of your feet feeling sick and tired and these flats with reflexology soles make it easy to pamper and relieve your aching feet.

When: Whenever your feet need  a break. Keep them in your bag 24/7 so they’re good to go whenever you need them.

Where: Kushyfoot Flats to Go!, $9.99 at kushyfoot.com.


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