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Is a Pedicure the Answer to a Healthier You?

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I came across an interesting article on a natural health website about the practice of “earthing” or “grounding”, which is basically walking barefoot and feeling the Earth beneath your feet. Supposedly, when walking barefoot, free electrons transfer into your body via the soles of your feet and can have incredible health benefits like improved sleep, a stronger immune system and even helping to fight cardiovascular disease.  Though it sounds a bit new-age-y, there’s science to back up this claim. (For more information on grounding, click here.)

Whether you believe in this practice or not, there’s no denying that it feels great and it certainly couldn’t hurt to take some time each day, slip off your shoes and feel the grass or some sand beneath your feet. A walk or some outdoor stretching will help clear your mind and boost your mood.

A pedi in a pastel or bright color is just right for Spring and it’s the added incentive you might need to shed those shoes!

Check out my new, favorite polish for toes. butterLONDON in Molly-Coddled is a gorgeous shade of lilac (aka my favorite flower!). This color looks great on all skin tones–from the fairest to the darkest–for a pretty pop of color. I know you’ll love it as much as I do!