You are more beautiful than you think.

I’m crazy about Dove’s new social media experiment. It shows–quite blatantly in fact–that you are more beautiful than you think.

This experiment proves that we are ¬†much too critical of ourselves. Gil Zamora (a gifted forensic artist) is on one side of a curtain, while a woman is on the other. They cannot see each other. He asks her point blank questions to describe herself in detail as he sketches. Then he asks a stranger who had just interacted with that woman to describe her in detail (without the woman being present) and he does another sketch. Time and time again, the self-descriptions focus on perceived flaws while the stranger descriptions are far more complimentary. What’s interesting is that the sketches based on the stranger descriptions are more flattering and more true to what the women actually look like. Clearly, we can learn a thing or two from this! Love yourself, flatter yourself, see your true self.

To see Dove’s video, click here.


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  1. Nancy

    April 21, 2013 at 6:30 pm

    Thank you…I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Nancy


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