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The Things That Matter

Does your home tell your story?

When I spotted Nate Berkus’ book The Things that Matter I never imagined I’d be blown away by his story and his message.  I was literally transported and didn’t put the book down for 2 days straight!

Most design books are all about the images and Berkus’ book doesn’t disappoint there…but, The Things That Matter is so much more than that. It’s filled with intimate stories of his life that really give you a sense of what this man is about. FYI, he’s a good, kind, smart, funny and easy-on-the eyes man! It’s also filled with gorgeous visuals of his homes through the years, as well as beautiful interiors of twelve others and portraits of the inhabitants, some clients and some just people/homes he admires.

Nate Berkus believes that personal possessions matter, you should surround yourself with things you love and things that have meaning to you. I couldn’t agree more…these “things” are what makes a beautiful house a home with meaning!

Here’s a peek at a few beautiful shots from the book…but it’s the words that will stay with you forever.


Hair Tie Upgrade

I love these hair ties! They come in so many fun styles–glitter, camouflage, zigzag, brights, embellished with sparkly beads or rivets, animal prints, even mustaches–and are perfect for my tween-age daughter.

She likes the cool designs and the fact that they double as bracelets, I like that they don’t pull, tangle or crease her hair. And though I’m always found with a basic black ponytail holder on my wrist…I just might have to “borrow” from her for a change!

Available online at www.maddyloo.com, prices start at $1.