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Product Review: Supergoop! Gradual Self-Tanning Sunscreen Mousse

We were heading to the Dominican Republic and were more than a little excited. Resort reservations were set. Plane tickets were booked. Passports were rush-renewed. Some swimsuits and warm-weather outfits were purchased. Arrangements were made for kitty-cat care. Baggage and carry-ons were lined up by the front door. A car service was already scheduled…and then the super-storm hit!

We knew some planes would still be able to make it out. Unfortunately, ours wasn’t one of them. There’d be no pina coladas poolside, no ocean breeze, no looking for shells or learning how to do the flying trapeze. No toes in the sand, snorkeling or catamarans. And just when I thought all was lost I realized I could still get the healthy-looking glow I wouldn’t be getting on the island. Though I might not feel the benefits of a relaxing vacation, I would at least look it. A self-tanner is all it would take. I was wary of anything that might make me orange-y or too tan. I was concerned about streaking and awful smelling lotions. I had heard about Supergoop! Gradual Self-Tanning Sunscreen Mousse and thought it could be what I was looking for…it just might do the trick!

All self-tanners are not created equal. If you’re looking for natural-looking color Supergoop! is head and shoulders above the masses. Before bed, I applied a thin layer and woke up to a light golden glow that looks completely natural and sun-kissed (not sun-baked!). No product was left behind on my white pillowcase or sheets and I really like that this product gives you broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection, antioxidants and has a hint of a fresh green tea/cucumber scent in a paraben and oxybenzone-free formula. If you want more color just reapply for a deeper glow.

To purchase: Supergoop! Gradual Self-Tanning Sunscreen Mousse, $38 at supergoop.com.

(photography courtesy of seafolly.com and supergoop.com)