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In Good Hands!

If you knew you could have a gorgeous manicure that would look as great on day 20 as it looked on day 1 wouldn’t you jump at the chance? Sounds like what we all did with gel manicures, that is until we discovered the potential consequences of lengthy exposure to the dangerous UV light that these required. I’m not willing to risk my health for a manicure and there’s no reason you should either.

Lucky for us then that SPANAIL just opened their first overseas shop of Japan’s prestigious salon Nail Quick where their safe Parfait Gel Manicure starts at $50. The process is similar to the usual gel manicure, a base coat followed by two color gel coats, optional sparkles, gems or other art and a topcoat, but each coat of gel is followed by up to only 5 seconds under the touch activated safe LED light instead of way more time under a UV light. I’m ecstatic with my Swarovski crystal studded, super-super-shiny, extra-durable, safe and chip-free-for-close-to-a-month results! Feel free to choose neutral tones (like I did) or get “notice me” nails in bright, fun, extra-creative colors and designs. Make an appointment at SPANAIL, 120 Sullivan Street, NYC. 646-476-3271, www.spanail.net.

If you’re not in the NYC area or are more the do-it-yourself type who’s just looking for beautiful colors with incredible shine I highly recommend SinfulColors’ SinfulShine with Gel Tech. It’s a self-curing polymer formula that’s five times glossier than patent leather! At only $2.99 with 32 shades to choose from you’ll want to snap them all up. Connect with their facebook page or purchase SinfulColors’ SinfulShine with Gel Tech exclusively at Walgreens and walgreens.com.