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Product Review: Marula – The Leakey Collection

I was a bit hesitant about testing a facial oil. After all, I have somewhat sensitive skin and am averse to putting anything oily on my complexion for fear of breakouts. But, the modern oils getting all the attention are pure botanical oils, an entirely different breed from mineral based ones which can sit on the skin and clog pores. These more recent oils are super hydrating, immediately absorbed and chock full of antioxidants to protect against aging free-radicals and environmental stressors.

Marula – The Leakey Collection comes from hand-picked, cold-pressed Marula nuts. It instantly melts into your skin, leaving it soft, supple and non-greasy. In fact, it’s antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory so it’s even a great treatment for those with acne. Made from 99% pure Marula Oil from East Africa and a 1% essential oil blend, it’s produced using sustainable harvesting practices and is fair trade, providing rural women with a source of income so they can feed, cloth and educate their families.

I love it as a moisturizer for my face, hands and body but you can also add it to your cleanser, masks, lotions and creams for an extra boost in hydration and anti-aging properties or to your foundation for a more radiant finish.

Marula – The Leakey Collection, $78, available at marula.com.