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Skin Savers

Fashion Week was a whirlwind, not only for the editors, writers and buyers that attended the shows but also for the models that walked down the runways. Yes, most are genetically blessed with “gorgeous” genes but that doesn’t mean the pre-show preps of fittings, running around in the biting cold and early-to-late hours wouldn’t take as much a toll on their skin as it would for you or me.

Designer Richard Chai was taking no chances. He teamed up with Dr. Jart+ to guarantee his models looked their best. Here’s what it took to get them runway-ready:

“Richard Chai is all about dewy, fresh skin,” says Joy Fennell, Lead Makeup Artist for Dr. Jart+.  For this show, she relied on the V7 Cleansing Foam, Water Fuse Water-Full Hydrogel Mask, Ceramidin Liquid, and Ceramidin Cream to help achieve a radiant complexion.

Dr. Jart+ V7 Cleansing FoamThe V7 Cleansing Foam not only removes old make-up but brightens and calms dull, stressed skin, making it an easy choice for backstage use.  Formulated with a super antioxidant blend containing 7 essential vitamins, this cleanser neutralizes free radicals to restore stressed skin.
Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse Water-Full Hydrogel MaskLike a glass of water for your skin, the Water Fuse Water-Full Hydrogel Mask infuses moisture into dry and dehydrated skin within minutes of applying.  Made with a unique hydrogel material that locks in moisture, the mask also contains hyaluronic acid and natural extracts to restore elasticity and bounce to the skin, providing a little TLC during the backstage frenzy.
Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Liquid and Ceramidin CreamConstantly having makeup removed and applied to the face can cause some serious irritation, but models were saved by the quick, soothing relief of Ceramidin Liquid and Ceramide Cream.  Jam-packed with micro-encapsulated ceramides, these powerful moisturizers smoothen and soften the models’ dry, itchy skin, helping to creating the perfect blank canvas for makeup.  Dr. Jart+’s patented ceramide stabilization technology also ensures the ceramides are able to penetrate deeper into the lipid layer, enhancing the skin’s natural strength and ensuring it stays well-hydrated throughout the day.


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Got Grease?

Product Review: Klorane Dry Shampoo with nettle, $18 at Klorane.com

My friends with oily hair can’t imagine that I only wash my hair twice a week. It just doesn’t get greasy (even on day 3 or more) but that’s when it starts to feel dirty so I know it’s time for a shampoo. For those with oily hair who spend an awful lot of time sudsing and styling, dry shampoos can be a game-changer!

Klorane’s new Dry Shampoo with nettle, $18 at Klorane.com instantly gets rid of the grease. You simply spray it on the hair, leave it on for two minutes and then brush through for clean, refreshed hair. It contains corn and rice starch (powerful cleansing agents), silica (an absorbant microsphere) and the standout ingredient nettle extract (a sebum regulator). Nettle’s quick oil-controlling power is clinically proven to normalize sebum production after just 3 months of continuous use! How’s that for game changing!

You’ll want to use Klorane Shampoo with nettle, $18 at Klorane.com regularly and switch to Klorane Dry Shampoo with nettle, $18 at Klorane.com between washings.

If you’re like me and your hair doesn’t get greasy, you’ll still want it for its volume-boosting abilities. Use it on clean or dirty hair. A quick spray at the roots plus a quick brush through equals instant va va va volume!!!!