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Natural Beauty

I have a friend who I’ve known for years. She’s smart, funny, down to earth, focused on career and family and great fun to hang with. She’s confident and comfortable in her own skin and was never concerned with her looks…in fact, so unconcerned that she didn’t wear a drop of makeup!

I never said anything about it until I went to her home and caught a glimpse of her in her wedding photo…she looked gorgeous. Like 1,000 times better gorgeous!!! She has the most beautiful blue eyes, but because her lashes are light you didn’t  notice just how special they are. Now, I might have been a little out of line (maybe even a lot!), but I made her promise me she’d try to wear concealer to even out her skin tone and mascara to make her eyes pop.

Her husband didn’t want her to change–he said he prefers her “au natural” and he asked me why I was pushing makeup on her when I didn’t wear any myself. Ha!!! Us beauty girls know everyone looks better with a little makeup. Done right, you look like your best self–skin more glow-y, eyes a bit brighter, lips more alluring. When I see my friend now, she’s usually wearing a little something…and she looks great!

For my usual “no-makeup” look  I wear:

  • under-eye concealer
  • beauty balm or strategically applied concealer
  • cream blush
  • eye liner
  • mascara
  • clear lip balm