Suit Up!

In the past, I’ve written about my honeymoon in Italy when my newly minted husband and I carved out two whole weeks to sight-see, sun and sin. We scheduled a few days in Rome followed by Florence, Tuscany, Positano, Capri and Venice.

It all went according to plan until we hit the Amalfi Coast. It was by far our favorite place and a few days in Positano just wasn’t enough so we made reservations to return the following year but before the year was through I was pregnant with Emma and then Sam and then we bought a home outside the city and the vacations we took weren’t quite the same. We haven’t made it back.

Positano was just a distant and magical memory until I received this Positano print one piece ($90) from Island State Swimwear. I took one look and was immediately transported back in time to to the Hotel Il San Pietro and those laissez-faire and decadent days where we rented a private boat and swam in the Blue and Emerald Grottos. We explored small towns and climbed crazy-steep steps carved right into the cliffside to lunch on fresh figs and cheese and sip limoncello. I might not actually be in Positano, but if I look at myself and squint a bit I almost could be back on those gorgeous, rocky cliffs of Amalfi.

The fact that the Positano print one piece is super flattering and totally glam is just the icing on the cake and for now, it’s the next best thing to being there. Try one on…see where it takes you!

Island State Swimwear is a new to the states collection of swimwear, kaftans, dresses and more.

(photo courtesy of Island State Swimwear)

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