My New Look-Younger Makeup Trick!

Last week, I headed to Nordstroms in the Short Hills Mall for my scheduled makeover with Jill Sofis, who represents Chanel at major shows and promotional events around the nation. It felt quite decadent to be doing this at noon when the kids were in school, but twist my arm…I’ll do anything for The Beauty Wall!

It’s my job to pay strict attention and ask lots and lots of questions so that I can always share whatever knowledge I uncover. Though Jill was chock full of advice on many of Chanel’s different products the most important tip I left with was “to look younger use a foundation brush when applying your makeup.”

For years I’d been using my fingertips for a for a smooth, even application and was always pretty happy with the results, but after seeing Jill’s handiwork with a foundation brush I’m a convert. My skin looked even better (ie. younger!) when she was done. The brush feathers your makeup in a way that’s completely natural and gives you a softer, more youthful finish.

The technique I like best is to apply a bit of makeup to the back of your hand and then using the brush, make little x’s on your face and blend down and out in little flicking motions. Work one area at a time (your forehead, each cheek, your entire nose area, etc.) and only move on to the next when that is completed. You’ll look natural, your skin will look flawless and you’ll use less foundation this way.

If you want to look younger, this splurge is worth every penny!

Chanel Foundation Brush #6, $45, available at for flawless, even coverage.

Chanel Vitalumiere, $55, available at is my favorite makeup and loved by those with normal to dry skin. It’s super creamy, moisturizing, boosts radiance and has a soft-focus effect to blur imperfections and give you a younger looking glow. If your skin is more on the normal to oily side try  Vitalumiere Aqua, $45 at



blogshot-vitalumiere(photos courtesy of Chanel)


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