Help Solve this Easter Mystery!

Since Emma and Sam were babies, we’ve been celebrating the Easter Bunny. On the Saturday before Easter, we have great fun dyeing our eggs. Then, when the kids are sleeping the “Easter Bunny” sneaks in and hides them in the backyard. When we wake up in the morning (super early I might add!) we all go outside to hunt for the eggs before the kids find their Easter baskets.

Normally this goes off without a hitch.¬†This year was a little different, though. Everything was going according to plan, but when we went outside to gather the eggs they were all gone! Not one out of a dozen could be found! The kids looked and looked and when they couldn’t find any, my husband and I got in on the action. We knew where they should be. The crook of the birch tree, under the grill, in the ivy by the fence, behind the hydrangea bush, etc., etc., etc. Not one was where it was supposed to be! The kids looked bewildered and upset, tears sprang to their eyes, we were confused and numb. WTF!!!

My husband thinks animals got them (but how could they get all twelve eggs and not leave any bright, broken shells behind) …I think someone is playing a mean-spirited joke (but again, how could they find a dozen eggs in the dark without missing one)…A neighbor’s early April Fool’s Day trick? Maybe…but, who?

Sleuths out there…what do you think happened?


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  1. Amy Jackson Rind

    April 2, 2013 at 10:19 pm

    So…did you ever discover the culprits? My money is on the squirrels :)

    • Nancy

      April 3, 2013 at 2:34 pm

      it’s still mystery…remember, not a broken shell left behind!


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